Event Logistics and Special Event Guidelines

PLEASE READ the following policies prior to coordinating your event at 2401 Walnut.
If you have any questions about these policies, or need to change/cancel your reservation, please email the Office of Student Life: 2401walnut@Wharton.upenn.edu

Event Logistics

  • Your department/center is responsible for the following when hosting an event:
    Adhering to all building policies;
    The conduct of your attendees;
    Any damage caused by your event.
  • Event start and end times are firm.
  • The Office of Student Life must be informed at least seven business days prior to the event date if you need to cancel or change your reservation. You may be responsible for any costs associated with cancelling or changing the event.
  • All events must end thirty minutes prior to the next event.
  • Tables are not permitted to be set up in any hallway. All registration and event tables must remain in the rooms or dedicated event space.
  • Tables, chairs and all other items from a room may not be moved outside the room or to another room.
  • Nothing may be glued, taped or affixed in any way to room or hallway walls, room number signs, doors, floors or ceilings.
  • Technology: See Special Event Technology Policy below.
  • Food & Alcohol: See Special Event Food and Alcohol Policy below.

Special Events


Applications to reserve space for special events should be made at least three (3) weeks in advance by completing the online form found here: http://whr.tn/2401MPS.

If you need to cancel or change your reservation, please email the Office of Student Life at 2401walnut@wharton.upenn.edu at least seven (7) business days prior to the event date. Charges may apply if you do not inform us within the stated time frame.  You may be responsible for any costs associated with cancelling or changing the event. The event start/end times, once agreed upon, are firm. If additional time is needed, please email 2401walnut@wharton.upenn.edu. All events must end ten minutes prior to the next event.

Food & Alcohol

Alcohol is not permitted with the exception of University-Sponsored events (ie. Cluster Suppers).  If you would like to serve food at the event, you must email 2401walnut@wharton.upenn.edu and order food through one of our approved caterers at least two weeks prior to the event date. Food in rooms should be limited to light items such as sandwiches, pizza, cookies, etc. No food shall be heated in a room.

All materials including food/drink and catering materials must be removed immediately after any event held at 2401 Walnut. Event hosts are responsible for disposing of all trash in the proper trash/recycle receptacles prior to vacating the room. Items such as pizza boxes should be placed in the kitchen next to the room’s trash receptacle. Ice should be disposed of in the kitchen sink. Please email 2401walnut@wharton.upenn.edu for additional information, restrictions and a list of approved caterers. Any left items will be discarded and your department will be charged for disposal.


If you have any technology needs, please submit a request to 2401walnut@wharton.upenn.edu at least one week prior to your event. There may be charges associated with technology requests.

Guest List Policy for Special Events

You will need to follow specific directions as you develop your guest list. See our Guest Policy here.

Additional Considerations

Special events may require additional housekeeping services. You will be responsible for any additional charges incurred.  The multi-purpose room has tables and chairs to seat about 200 people. If you should need additional chairs/tables, please email 2401walnut@wharton.upenn.edu.

Have an idea for a new/unique event?  If you can dream it, and it fits within the building policies, we will always entertain the possibility of doing it at 2401.