Get Involved

With so many wonderful ways to get involved at Wharton, it can be hard to choose. Should you join that hot club everyone’s joining? Or blaze your own path? Through the years, we’ve seen how the most satisfied students tend to approach these choices. Here are two of our favorite tips we’ve picked up along the way.

Be Yourself

You’re unique and so are your goals. Resist the temptation to compare yourself to others. Be sure you’re customizing an experience that’s right for you.

Be Selective

We’ve seen students sign up for 10 activities because they didn’t want to miss out. Choose a few activities carefully rather than spreading yourself too thin.

Meet the Wharton Graduate Association

A  student-run group, the WGA is a non-profit organization and the primary vehicle for coordinating and managing student activities and initiatives — academic, career, and social. In addition to student representation, the WGA provides monetary and logistical resources to over 150 student-run clubs and conferences with oversight and release of $4M+ in annual spending of an entirely independent 501(c)3

Learn more about the WGA

Join a Club

Wharton has a club to match almost every interest. Clubs are created by students and reflect our entrepreneurial spirit–if you have an idea for a new club, you can create it. 

Explore the Student Club List

Need help finding a club, leadership opportunity, or tips on how to balance activities with academics?