Meet the Team

Your time at Wharton is an incredible two-year journey of discovery and transformation. You’ll learn from world-renown faculty. That’s for sure. But you’ll also learn plenty outside the classroom, too. By getting involved, you’ll put classroom concepts into action, test your limits, and grow in ways you didn’t think possible. You’ll also make meaningful, lasting connections. And, along the way, we’re right here by your side, helping you maximize your experience and build strong community. We can’t wait to get started.

Student Life Team

The Student Life Team will get to know you and your goals and connect you to resources in the community.


Student Life Fellows

Your dedicated Student Life Fellows are here to impart the wisdom of second years. They’ll help you maximize your experience at Wharton.

Maximize Your Experience

The Wharton MBA is transformative. But how you change is highly personal. We’ll help you navigate that path.

It all starts by getting to know you and your goals. With so many opportunities to follow your path, it can be hard sometimes to know which way to go. We’ll recommend clubs, leadership opportunities, or other chances for growth. We may even save you time and help you find resources you may not have considered. Think of us as your personal experience advisor.

Build Community

Wharton is an amazing place filled with amazing people. Some of the world’s best and brightest attend Wharton and we want you to benefit from getting to know them.

Making meaningful connections with classmates is a key part of getting the most out of your Wharton experience. We’ve designed our initiatives to build an inclusive community that values the contributions of each of its members. From small group dinners to the Wharton Olympics, we aim to keep the Wharton community vibrant and strong.

Concerned About a Classmate? Student Life is Here to Help.

As a friend or classmate, you may notice changes in behavior before staff or faculty. Taking action early can make all the difference. View Resources.

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