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Eddie Banks-Crosson

Director of Student Life

@Eddie Banks-Crosson

Huntsman: 215.573.5756
2401 Walnut: 215-573-5178

Advisor for:

AAMBAA, Adam Smith Society, India Club, WAAAM, WWIB: 22s.



Meghan Gatti

Cluster 1 Associate Director of Student Life, First-Year Experience

@Meghan Gatti

Areas of focus

  • First-Year Experience
  • Data & Analytics, Satisfaction and Surveying

Advisor for:

Analytics, Asia, Beer & Brewmasters’ Guild, California, Christian Fellowship, Comedy, Consulting, Crew & Rowing, Dance Studio, Digital Health, Family Business, FinTech, Food, Health Care, LDSSA, Media & Entertainment, Muslim Students, Out4Biz, PBG Healthcare Consulting, Pets at Wharton (PAWS), Photography, PSWiRE, Rebuilding Together, Southeast Asia, Sustainable Business Coalition, Tennis, Theater, Travel & Hospitality, Volleyball.


Kristen Auch

Cluster 2 Associate Director of Student Life, Onboarding

@Kristen Auch

Areas of focus

  • Transitions
  • External affairs
  • Diversity initiatives

Advisor for:

Blockchain, Boxing, Brazil, Canada, Cannabis Business Club, Chocolate, Dealmakers, Energy, Finance, General Management, Global Healthcare Volunteers, Greater China, Human Capital, Impact Investing Partners, Korea, Mountaineering & Outdoors, Partners, PE/VC, Poker & Gaming, Politics & Public Policy, Public Speaking, Restructuring, Retail, Return on Equality, Say Yes to Education, Soccer, Squash, Storytellers, WHALASA, Wine, WWIB, Yoga & Wellness.



(Temporary Coverage: Eddie Banks-Crosson)

Cluster 3 Associate Director of Student Life, Second-Year Experience


Areas of focus

  • Second-year experience
  • Communications lead
  • Student Life Fellow program lead

Advisor for:

Agribusiness, Australia & New Zealand, Catholic, Coffee, Community Consultants, Common Cents Club, Europa, French Association, German, Global Impact Consulting, Innovation & Design, Israel, JAMBA, MENA, Partners, Roadrunners & Triathletes, Russia & FSU, Sailing, Scotch & Whiskey, Social Impact, Southern Business, Technology, WASA, WHAMBAA, Wharton Journal.


Evan Konecky

Cluster 4 Associate Director of Student Life, Alumni Engagement

@Evan Konecky

Areas of focus

  • Helping current classes build affinity for Wharton
  • Graduation
  • 2401 Walnut building operations

Advisor for:

Art, Aviation, Basketball, Charity Fashion Show, Cocktail, Entrepreneurship, Follies, Golf Club, GUIDE, Investment Management, Japan, Kids, Marketing, Men’s Rugby, One for the World, Pub, Real Estate, Ski & Snowboard, Sports Business, Veterans, Whartonomous Vehicles: Future Mobility, Wildmen Hockey.


Rolanda Hall

Office Manager

@Rolanda Hall

Areas of focus

  • 2401 Walnut building operations
  • Budget management and financial reporting
  • Event and logistics planning

Destiny Martin

Program Coordinator

@Destiny Martin

Areas of focus

  • Transitions (e.g. Pre-Term, Welcome Weekend)
  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives
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