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We are located in Huntsman, MBAPO Office – Suite 300 and at 2401 Walnut, Offices 802 to 814. We are available Monday-Friday. Hours vary by Associate Director.
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The Office of Student Life

Remember to run your own race. Wharton is filled with incredible people and you are one of them. Let your light shine, stay true to your personal passions and enjoy the journey!”

-Jessica Pugh

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Eddie Banks-Crosson

Director of Student Life

Interim advisor for:

Art, Aviation, Basketball, Charity Fashion Show, Cocktail, Entrepreneurship, Follies, Golf Club, GUIDE, India, Investment Management, Japan, Kids, Marketing, Men’s Rugby, One for the World, Pub, Real Estate, Ski & Snowboard, Sports Business, Veterans, Whartonomous Vehicles: Future Mobility, Wildmen Hockey, WWIB: 22s.


Meghan Gatti

Cluster 1 Associate Director of Student Life, First-Year Experience

Areas of focus

  • First-Year Experience
  • Data & Analytics, Satisfaction and Surveying

Advisor for:

AAMBAA, Adam Smith Society, Analytics, Asia, Beer & Brewmasters’ Guild, Canada, Community Consultants, Crew & Rowing, Dance Studio, Energy, Finance, French Association, Human Capital, Innovation & Design, Korea, MENA, Out4Biz, PE/VC, Photography, Poker & Gaming, Restructuring, Soccer, Southern Business, Technology, Theater, Travel & Hospitality, Volleyball, WAAAM, WASA.


Kristen Auch

Cluster 2 Associate Director of Student Life, Transitions

Areas of focus

  • Transitions
  • External Affairs
  • Diversity Initiatives

Advisor for:

Boxing, Brazil, California, Cannabis Business Club, Catholic, Christian Fellowship, Digital Health, FinTech, Food, German, Global Impact Consulting, Greater China, Impact Investing Partners, LDSSA, Muslim Students, Partners, Pets at Wharton (PAWS), Politics & Public Policy, PSWiRE, Public Speaking, Retail, Return on Equality,
Roadrunners & Triathletes, Scotch & Whiskey, Social Impact, Squash, Storytellers, Sustainable Business Coalition, WHAMBAA, WWIB, Yoga & Wellness.


Larry Rappoport

Cluster 3 Associate Director of Student Life, Second-Year Experience

Areas of focus

  • Second-Year Experience
  • Communications Lead
  • Student Life Fellow Program Lead

Advisor for:

Agribusiness, Australia & New Zealand, Chocolate, Coffee, Comedy, Common Cents Club, Consulting, Dealmakers, Europa, Family Business, General Management, Global Healthcare Volunteers, Health Care, Israel, JAMBA, Media & Entertainment, Mountaineering & Outdoors, PBG Healthcare Consulting, Rebuilding Together,
Russia & FSU, Sailing, Say Yes to Education, Southeast Asia, Tennis, WHALASA, Wharton Journal, Wine.

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Cluster 4 Advisor

Eddie Banks-Crosson, Director of Student Life



Rolanda Hall

Office Manager

Areas of focus

  • Budget management and financial reporting
  • Event and logistics planning

Destiny Martin

Program Coordinator

Areas of focus

  • Transitions (e.g. Pre-Term, Welcome Weekend)
  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives
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We are available Monday-Friday. Hours vary by Associate Director.

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