“What excites me most about Wharton is the sheer variety of amazing people. Through Student Life, we hope to help you get to know each other’s stories. The empathy and understanding you gain will pay dividends throughout your life.”

-Eddie Banks-Crosson, Director of Student Life


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Our Commitment

We’re a student-centric team dedicated to creating a cohesive and connected Wharton community. We engage with and advise students in their day-to-day Wharton experience, helping them maximize their two years at Wharton. We look forward to supporting your endeavors, whether that includes managing a club or conference, traveling the globe, networking with peers and business leaders, or pursuing one of the other hundreds of leadership opportunities on campus.

Your Experience

A big part of your Wharton  experience will come from the community we build together. As part of our community, we ask that you: 
  • Respect and support each other.
  • Challenge yourself.
  • Act responsibly, knowing no matter where you go, you are an ambassador of the Wharton brand.
  • Engage in open-minded debate, as appropriate.
  • Be forward thinking and focus on solutions, not just the problem.
  • Tell us if you’re ever concerned about a classmate.
  • Give back to this community in any way you see fit.
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