The Office of Student Life is committed to helping you navigate the Wharton Community throughout your time here.
Here are some upcoming ways to participate and begin building your community at Wharton:  

Wharton Partners Club Board Involvement

Members of Wharton Partners Club: join the Board! First years highly encouraged to sign up! Applications are due by 10/4 at midnight. Election announcements will be made Friday, 10/9.

  • Social Committee (2 positions for 1Y partners)
  • International Committee (2 positions for 1Y or 2Y partners)
  • Philanthropy (1 position for 1Y partner)
  • Welcome Weekend (2 positions for 1Y partners)
  • Treasurer (1 position for 1Y partners)
  • Marketing & Communications (1 position for 1Y partners)

Here is the link to apply: https://forms.gle/jPNXNbJQ3ADgzz4B8

Here is the link with descriptions of the positions above: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kTM784xXzBUy0zxVxVUJNmbatqJ1lVG6SNfb_XR8eYA/edit?usp=sharing

Please follow us on Instagram: @whartonpartnersclub