Vice Dean’s MBA Program Diversity & Inclusion Fund

This Fund supports student-led programs that further knowledge around issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion at Wharton, in a business environment and in the world at large.


A minimum of two official WGA clubs must work together on the program requesting funding. Regardless of membership, the program must be open to all MBA students.

Funding: The Fund will support up to 50% of the cost of a program with a maximum gift of $500. We will not fund food or drink. This fund does support venue expenses and other items that may be listed in the application’s breakdown of costs. As a reminder, it’s the school’s policy that guest speakers are not to be paid.

Timing: It is the responsibility of the applicants to apply in a timely manner which would ensure a decision on funding prior to the date of programming.

Programs receiving funding will be required to acknowledge the Fund’s support in their promotional material.

It is highly recommended for programming to use Penn Approved Vendors.


The Committee of students and administrators meets once a month during both the Fall and Spring semesters to review applications. We will notify you of a decision within one week of the application deadline (below). This is not a rolling application review process; applications will be reviewed only within one week after a deadline.

2022 – 2023 Application Deadlines

  • Sunday, September 25
  • Sunday, October 16
  • Sunday, November 13
  • Sunday, December 4
  • Sunday, January 22
  • Sunday, February 19
  • Sunday, March 19
  • Sunday, April 9

Access the full details and application here



Zoddy Imoisili, WGA VP of Diversity,

Mariyam Siddique, WGA VP of Diversity,

Jinyoung Lee, WGA VP of International,

Ariyon Fountaine, MBA Office of Student Life,

Jonah Binstock, MBA Office of the Vice Dean,