An extension of the Office of Student Life, Student Life Fellows shape and enrich student life, and support you through the lens of a second-year student – providing insights, mentorship, and advice.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Make an appointment to chat with your SLF by emailing them directly. Don’t know who your assigned SLF is? Contact us:

You’re also free to meet with any of the other 51 SLFs across the four clusters. They’re here because they want to connect with you.

We encourage you to meet with your assigned SLF early in your two-year journey. Many students say they could have saved a lot of time with this one simple step. After all, these students were in your position just 12 short months ago. They can share tips and tricks they’ve picked up along the way.

Interested in becoming an SLF? The group is formed from rising second-year MBAs. The application process starts in November of your first year with interviews and selection happening in early February. You will get an email from the Office of Student Life in the Fall notifying you of the recruiting process.

Cluster 1

Shir Abramov

Previous Education: Boston University
Hometown: Brookline, MA
Previous Career: Banking
Career Plans: PE/Growth Equity
Activities at Wharton: Ice Hockey, Israel Trek, JAMBA

Chanel Alexander

Previous Education: Temple University
Hometown: Union, NJ
Previous Career: Finance/ Strategy
Career Plans: Real Estate
Activities at Wharton: WGA President, AAMBAA Social Chair, Storytellers Finance Chair, Real Estate, Dance Studio, Boxing, Food club, Wine club, SLF

Carter Bielen

Previous Education: Boston College
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Previous Career: Consulting
Career Plans: Private Equity / Growth Equity
Activities at Wharton: Nonprofit Board Fellows, PE/VC Club, Basketball Club

Zeit Cai

Previous Education: Princeton
Hometown: Corvallis, OR
Previous Career: Consulting
Career Plans: Product Management / EdTech / People Analytics
Activities at Wharton: WGA, People Analytics Conference, Wharton 22s, Welcome Committee, WAAAM

Renee Daniel

Previous Education: Morgan State, Villanova
Hometown: Arima, Trinidad and Tobago
Previous Career: Electric Utilities
Career Plans: General Management / Energy
Activities at Wharton: The Wharton Journal, Wharton Christian Fellowship

Stas Gorbovitsky

Previous Education: Ben Gurion University
Hometown: Tel Aviv, Israel
Previous Career: Medical Device
Career Plans: Technology/ Healthcare
Activities at Wharton: JAMBA, Israel club, HC conference, SLF, Theater Troupe

Jordan Katz

Previous Education: Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Hometown: Lower Merion, PA
Previous Career: Investment Banking, Private Equity
Career Plans: PE
Activities at Wharton: Ice Hockey, Golf, PE / VC, Sports Business, Scotch & Whiskey

Samreen Khan

Previous Education: Duke University
Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Previous Career: Consulting
Career Plans: Education
Activities at Wharton: WGA Social Impact, Say Yes to Education, Social Impact Club, Yoga & Wellness, Dance Studio, Food Club

Virginie Perraudin

Previous Education: Cornell
Hometown: Fontainebleau, France
Previous Career: Consulting
Career Plans: Retail (but could change)
Activities at Wharton: French Club, Storytellers, Cluster 1 SLR

Sabah Shaikh

Previous Education: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Previous Career: Consulting. PE
Career Plans: Investment Management
Activities at Wharton: MENA Club, India Club, PE VC Club & conference, Dance Studio, WGA Cluster Council, PAWS, Tennis

Erica Swanson

Previous Education: Stanford University
Hometown: Hillsborough, CA
Previous Career: Healthcare
Career Plans: Healthcare
Activities at Wharton: Welcome Committee, SLF, Healthcare Conference, Healthcare Club, Digital Health Club, Global Health Volunteers- Tanzania, Soccer Club, Hockey Club

Mike Zeidlhack

Previous Education: Northwestern
Hometown: Naperville, IL
Previous Career: Tech/Entrepreneurship, Consulting
Career Plans: Entrepreneurship
Activities at Wharton: Penn Wharton Innovation Fund, Basketball Club, Say Yes To Education

Mandy Ziffer

Previous Education: Northwestern
Hometown: Boca Raton, FL
Previous Career: Consulting
Career Plans: Talent Strategy / People Analytics
Activities at Wharton: People Analytics Conference, UG Mentor, Hockey Club

Cluster 2

Leigha Field

Previous Education: University of Virginia
Hometown: Hudson, OH
Previous Career: Growth Equity
Career Plans: Entrepreneurship… or growth equity
Activities at Wharton: Out4Biz, Entrepreneurship Club, PE/VC Club & Conference

Riley Gardner

Previous Education: Syracuse University
Hometown: Chelmsford, MA
Previous Career: Teacher
Career Plans: Consulting
Activities at Wharton: Cluster Council, WWIB, Consulting Club, Food Club

Alex Hoffberg

Previous Education: Villanova University
Hometown: Wayne, PA
Previous Career: Government
Career Plans: Technology
Activities at Wharton: Tech, Politics and Public Policy, Boxing

Justin Karfo

Previous Education: Princeton University
Hometown: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Previous Career: Private Equity
Career Plans: PE / Entrepreneurship
Activities at Wharton: WABF, WASA, Fintech club, WFC, PE VC

Anooshka Kumar

Previous Education: University of California, Berkeley
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Previous Career: Technology
Career Plans: Technology
Activities at Wharton: Follies, Dance Studio, Cluster Council, Communications Fellow

Rachel Martin

Previous Education: Indiana University
Hometown: Princeton, NJ
Previous Career: Consulting, Corporate Finance
Career Plans: Start-up Tech
Activities at Wharton: Common Cents, Food Club, Boxing Club, Technology Club

Julie McGibbon

Previous Education: Queen’s University
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Previous Career: Consulting, Investment Banking
Career Plans: Media & Entertainment
Activities at Wharton: Canada Club, Dance Studio, Media & Entertainment Club, Wine Club

Zach Miles

Previous Education: Cornell University
Hometown: Fairfield, CT
Previous Career: IB, PE
Career Plans: PE
Activities at Wharton: Beer Club, Squash Club

Sean Oh

Previous Education: UC Berkeley
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Previous Career: Consulting
Career Plans: Investment Banking / Tech & Media
Activities at Wharton: Rugby, InSITE Fellows, Nonprofit Board Fellows, Media & Entertainment

Rohit Raja

Previous Education: Anna University
Hometown: Chennai, India
Previous Career: Investment Banking
Career Plans: Investment Banking
Activities at Wharton: India Club, Chocolate Club, Dance Studio, Running Club

Justin Silver

Previous Education: New York University
Hometown: Old Bethpage, NY
Previous Career: Private Equity
Career Plans: Luxury Skincare Startup
Activities at Wharton: Poker Club, Beer Club, Storytellers, PE/VC, Entrepreneurship Fellows, Rugby

Nancy Yan

Previous Education: Columbia
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Previous Career: Technology, Investment Banking
Career Plans: Retail / General Management
Activities at Wharton: Marketing Club, WWIB, Retail Club

Cluster 3

Victoria Cacicedo

Previous Education: University of Florida
Hometown: Miami, FL
Previous Career: Finance, Venture Capital
Career Plans: M&A Tech Banking
Activities at Wharton: Lauder, WHALASA, InSITE Fellows, Finance Club

Fanta Conde

Previous Education: CUNY-Baruch
Hometown: Kamsar, Guinea
Previous Career: Financial Services
Career Plans: Africa PE
Activities at Wharton: WASA, WABF, WAG, PE VC, Dance Studio, Basketball Club

Avi Daman

Previous Education: NYU
Hometown: Scarsdale, NY
Previous Career: Technology
Career Plans: Venture Capital
Activities at Wharton: JAMBA, Storytellers, Dance Studio, SAP

Henry Deng

Previous Education: Rice University
Hometown: Houston, TX
Previous Career: Consulting, Venture Philanthropy
Career Plans: Technology
Activities at Wharton: Nonprofit Board Fellows, Dean’s MBA Advisory Council, Wharton Ultimate Frisbee

Meghan Helm

Previous Education: University of Virginia
Hometown: Ellicott City, Maryland
Previous Career: Consulting
Career Plans: Retail/Marketing
Activities at Wharton: Wharton Charity Fashion Show, Wildmen Hockey, Marketing Club, Retail Club

Will Holtz

Previous Education: Cornell University
Hometown: Brookville, NY
Previous Career: Private Equity, Banking
Career Plans: Startups
Activities at Wharton: Wine Club, Ice Hockey, PE/VC

Anuj Khandelwal

Previous Education: The University of Texas at Austin
Hometown: Sugar Land (Houston), TX
Previous Career: Private Equity
Career Plans: Retail / Private Equity
Activities at Wharton: Common Cents, Battle of the Bands, Dance Studio, Food Club, Private Equity / Venture Capital

Caroline Kremer

Previous Education: Tufts University
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Previous Career: Finance
Career Plans: Technology
Activities at Wharton: Wharton Fintech, Tech, WHALASA, Cluster Council

Jessica Pugh

Previous Education: CSU Long Beach
Hometown: Tracy, CA
Previous Career: Insurance
Career Plans: Technology
Activities at Wharton: AAMBAA, Cluster 3 – Student Life Representative

Piero Remedios

Previous Education: University of Southern California
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
Previous Career: Consulting
Career Plans: Real Estate
Activities at Wharton: Real Estate Club, Welcome Committee

Aditi Tusnial

Previous Education: Lady Shri Ram College (India)
Hometown: Kolkata, India
Previous Career: Management Consulting
Career Plans: Technology/Management Consulting
Activities at Wharton: WGA, SLF, Cluster Council, Dance Studio, Wharton Global Impact Consultants, Tech Club, Wine Club, UG Mentor

Jing Wang

Previous Education: Queen’s University
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Previous Career: Consulting, Global Health
Career Plans: Healthcare
Activities at Wharton: Healthcare Club, Canada Club, PBG Consulting, Boxing Club, Wine Club, Yoga & Wellness

Cherise Washington

Previous Education: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Hometown: Houston, TX
Previous Career: Public Accounting, Consumer Packaged Goods
Career Plans: Consulting
Activities at Wharton: AAMBAA, Dance Studio, Marketing Club, Cluster 3 Council, GUIDE Mentor

Cluster 4

Dylan Chou

Previous Education: Washington and Lee University
Hometown: Penn Valley, PA
Previous Career: Asset Management, Venture Capital
Career Plans: Venture Capital
Activities at Wharton: Basketball Club, Food Club, PE/VC Club, Retail Club, Scotch & Whiskey Club, Venture Foragers

Matt Circle

Previous Education: Duke
Hometown: Westport, CT
Previous Career: Private Equity
Career Plans: Private Equity / Venture Capital
Activities at Wharton: Hockey Club, Cocktail Club, PEVC Conference

Annabell Marlen Hillenbrand

Previous Education: HU Berlin, Julius-Maximilians Universität Würzburg
Hometown: Hösbach, Germany
Previous Career: Consulting
Career Plans: General Management
Activities at Wharton: German Club, Tennis Club

Christy Johnson

Previous Education: Georgetown University
Hometown: Granite Bay, CA
Previous Career: Finance
Career Plans: Consulting
Activities at Wharton: Wharton Women in Business, Consulting Club, Women’s Rugby

Yusuf Kosoko

Previous Education: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Previous Career: Financial Services
Career Plans: Investment Banking
Activities at Wharton: WASA, WABF, Rugby Club, AAMBAA, Finance Club

Vanessa Kwong

Previous Education: University of Florida
Hometown: Hong Kong
Previous Career: Start-up Technology
Career Plans: Technology
Activities at Wharton: Cluster Council, InSITE Fellows, SBDC, Tech Club, Food Club, WWIB, WAAAM

Marty Long

Previous Education: Boston College
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Previous Career: Consulting
Career Plans: Real Estate / Entrepreneurship
Activities at Wharton: Out4Biz, Real Estate Club

Cessna Mac

Previous Education: Harvard
Hometown: Arlington, TX
Previous Career: Consulting
Career Plans: Private Equity / Growth Equity
Activities at Wharton: Wharton Graduate Association, Cluster Council, Private Equity & Venture Capital Club, Yoga & Wellness Club

Negin Navab

Previous Education: Columbia
Hometown: Jericho, NY
Previous Career: Investment Banking
Career Plans: Private Equity
Activities at Wharton: PE/VC Club, MENA, Yoga & Wellness, WGA

Kristen Paladino

Previous Education: Villanova University
Hometown: West Islip, NY
Previous Career: U.S. Navy
Career Plans: Product Management/Cyber Security
Activities at Wharton: Vets Club, Ski & Snowboard Club, Tech Club

Buki Samuel

Previous Education: Duke University
Hometown: Nigeria and Bronx, NY
Previous Career: Education/Non-profit
Career Plans: Retail/Marketing/Consulting
Activities at Wharton: Welcome Committee, Nonprofit Board Fellow, AAMBAA Academic Chair, WASA, Wharton African Business Forum, Dance Studio, Cluster Council

Haroon Saqib

Previous Education: University of North Carolina
Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA
Previous Career: Investment Banking, Private Equity
Career Plans: PE
Activities at Wharton: Ice Hockey, Dance Studio, PE/VC Club, Yoga