Conversations that Matter

Conversations That Matter is a six-week diversity program around identity. The purpose of this program is to observe identity not only through difference, but an understanding of what we hold in common.  


Why is this experience so important?

This is what some of our past participants had to say –  

“In short and with no exaggeration, CTM has changed my life”

“To my peers with whom I shared this experience, I can’t thank them enough for their vulnerability, encouragement, courage, and respect for the commitment we made to each other in this space. We will leave here, but it feels great to have some true allies in this fight for progress, better dialogue, and accountability going forward”

“This is a program that has to be at Wharton. It would bring me so much pride for this to be a dimension of the Wharton experience that future students write about in their essays, that alumni ask about, and that the country comes to recognize us for. The Wharton School: Leading the conversation on identity and diversity and why it actually matters. Sounds really good to me”