Poster/Promotion Policy

Poster Promotion Policy

Promoting activities or posting about events within the facilities is intended as a means of intra-house communication; primarily from staff to students and among Wharton students. As such, all promotions must serve to inform students only about activities deemed relevant to a significant student population. Activities can only be promoted by valid Wharton students with access to the facilities. Occasionally, at the discretion of the staff, posters by persons from outside the Wharton community may be allowed.

  • All posters/promotions must be approved by the Associate Directors, Cluster President, or Student Life Cluster Representative.
  • Persons seeking approval must provide an actual demonstration of the promotion, or in case of posters show an example accurate in size and color, to the person from whom approval is sought.
  • All promotions will follow the various other codes of conduct including the noise standards.
  • Posters will only be allowed on designated notice boards made available for the specific purpose of promoting student events and announcements.
  • Each activity will be limited to two total posters, and only one per notice board.
  • No poster or notice may be larger than 14″ x 17″.
  • Unless specifically permitted, posters may be posted for no longer than two weeks.
  • Mounting of posters or use of paint on walls or any other surface/property on the facilities besides the designated notice boards is prohibited. Posting of notices with adhesives which damage surfaces also is prohibited. Nor will posting be permitted on surfaces that create hazards. This includes, but is not limited to, fire doors, fire extinguisher cabinets, and undesignated walls. The cost of removal of this type of publicity will automatically be charged to the group and/or individuals who posted it.
  • No posters or promotions will be executed anywhere in the building outside the Student Life space. Any fines that the Office of Student Life has to pay to the building management as a result of a violation of this policy will be charged to that student/group.
  • The student/group putting up a notice will also be responsible for taking down the poster after the event has passed.

Life@Wharton Display

If you wish to have a digital advertisement displayed on the Life@Wharton screen outside of CC5, please email your image as a PPT slide in 16:9 format to