Ethics Code

The ethics standards related to representations, academic pursuits and individual rights are listed on the MBA Program site ( These also apply to conduct at 2401 Walnut.

In addition, you are expected to respect the materials, data, and property of other members of the Wharton community and visitors to 2401 Walnut. You will not misuse or misappropriate the materials, data, or other property of another, especially through, but not limited to:

  • Accessing, removing, or destroying any information, materials, or other property from another student’s or student organization’s premises, locker, computer files or mail folder without prior permission
  • Accessing or removing without prior permission, or hiding or destroying any corporate records, files, job postings, or academic materials
  • Divulging or distributing proprietary or confidentially provided information obtained for class assignments
  • Utilizing for commercial gain any material provided to Wharton specifically and restrictively for educational purposes without prior permission of the provider.

The consequences for not adhering to the codes, the administration of the codes, process for complaints and appeals are all documented in the link above.